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Health Coaching

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide can help you to explore your personal path to wellness.  Helping you set realistic goals and supporting you as you overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from reaching success.

Customized Exercise Progr‚Äčams

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide is able to create movement and exercise programs tailored to your specific goals and body type.  Working around limitation and old injuries, as well as, helping you to prevent new ones as you progress your way to a strong, flexible and balanced body.

Nutritional Support

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide can help you to navigate through the nutrition jungle.  Providing you with useful and credible resources to support your decisions to detoxify your body, improve your digestive health and bring in quality nutrients.

Assessments & Progress Documentation

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide can help you to track your progress using a variety of assessments such as cardio-respiratory, body composition, movement functionality and performance. Documenting your progress as you reach and set new goals.

Private Yoga Lessons

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide has a passion for teaching Yoga. Customized to your unique body, Yoga helps to unite body, mind and spirit, as well as, develop flexibility, strength and balance.

Living a Holistic Lifestyle

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide can assist you in taking a holistic approach to health and wellness.  Supporting you as you explore the unlimited resources available in Western and traditional medicine.  As well as encouraging you to view the "big picture" of wellness which is not limited to your physical body but also includes the environmental, social, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide offers a therapeutic modality known as vibrational sound healing. Using tuning forks to bring balance to all systems of the body including: chakras and energy field, nervous system and brain waves, organs and endocrine system, bones, joints, soft tissue and more. Each session is unique to your individual needs and is very helpful in supporting you through transformation.

Reiki Energy Healing

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide uses a traditional Japanese healing technique called Reiki.  Bringing in universal life force energy to heal and restore the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Fundamentals of Energy

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide can help you to connect with and maintain your personal energy. Explore the affects of other people's energy on your health and practice a variety of methods you can use clear and protect yourself, as well as, your space of dwelling.

Trusted Referral Partners

Your Lifestyle Transformation Guide works closely with a community of allied professionals to support you on your wellness journey.