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What our customers are saying

I have a a progressive form of MS and was looking into going into a nursing home before I started working with Anna.  I hired her as a personal trainer to gain strength and mobility in March of 2017.  Just recently I added sound therapy with Anna and have noticed a huge improvement in my over-all health.  So far I have gained sensation and motor control in my extremities and am able to do more day-to-day activities on my own.  I've noticed that I have more energy, ambition and am generally in a better mood.  Two years ago I would never have believed that I would be where I am today.

G. Kreuzer  - Client since 2017

What our customers are saying

I worked with Anna Axlund to regain my Strength and flexibility after recovering from 3 years of chronic illness. She designed a personal plan that started with what my abilities were and worked me up to harder things over a few months so that I was eventually able to return to some of my favorite activities safely and confidently. She is thorough and compassionate and was always encouraging and wanted to make sure I understood how to do the exercises safely.

V. Alder - Client since 2018

What our customers are saying

I wanted to share my experience with having Anna help me. She is just so amazing and helpful. She came up with a plan aimed at what I needed. Anna is very professional and knows what she is doing. I would recommend Anna to anyone looking to improve their life. Unfortunately I have to confess that "planks" still aren't happening for me though😝....Thank you Anna for everything and I wish you success in all you do!

T. Stewart - Client since 2017

What our customers are saying

I first became aware of and visited the Portland/Vancouver chapters of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in early 2018. I attended educational, interactive meetings in both cities, and a diverse wellness fair. Not only did I quickly see a good fit in terms of my business and those of the other members, but also I felt the warmth and welcoming feeling immediately.

First among those providing that sense of belonging was the chapter president, Anna Axlund, with InTune Health & Fitness. I wanted to collaborate, support, and become acquainted with her. I was also impressed and inspired by her self-evident passion, dedication, knowledge, and kindness to others, including her members and clients, and in her profession. I submitted my membership application soon after and have since enjoyed interacting with this wonderful professional.  I am excited for Anna and am eager to see how her well-deserved reputation evolves.

I am not a client (yet!) but, from every indication, I would be as expertly guided and coached by Anna as she does for us holistic folks.

Bill Cohen

Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants LLC

Tualatin, Oregon